Be A Guest on the Philippe Matthews Show

What Past Guests Are Saying About the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE Experience “My experience on The Philippe Matthews show was extraordinary! Phillipe’s depth of knowledge is impressive and it allowed for a deep conversation to take place. Philippe makes sure to get to the best morsels in an interview. It’s obvious Philippe is dedicated to bringing […]

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Why Your Site Must Have An Autoresponder

Having a landing page is very important in your website. It captures the necessary information – the email address in particular – of your target audience. A collection of this list, no matter how large or small, allows you to have a niche group who are really interested in what you have to offer. This […]

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Why Lead Capture is Essential

So, you’ve finally put up a website where your existing and potential clients can learn more about your products or services. That’s great, but there’s something much more you can do with your website and one of those is making sure you can capture leads. But what exactly is lead capturing? Basically, it is the […]

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A Unique Book Marketing and Publicity Opportunity Has Arrived! Why not blast your book to the world on the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE?! With over 20 years of interviewing elite bestselling authors, thought leaders, change agents, experts, celebrities and entertainers, why not take advantage of being on the most coveted internet video/radio/blog show in the world? What […]


Why Duplicate Content is a No No for SEO

  Duplicate content has always been one of the many concerns content marketers and online publishers have with SEO. It is a problem because having more than a piece of the same content published on the internet will make it complicated for search engines to find out which versions are more relevant. Many believe that having […]

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Monetize What You Think, Say and Do

By nature, entrepreneurs are great, creative thinkers. Whether it’s marketing, selling, serving customers, solving a problem or filling a need, they do it following a sense of creativity. However, in the world of business, creativity isn’t the only essential element to achieve success. Ultimately, there’s the need to understand how you can effectively transform this […]

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