Getting traffic to your website is key, and there is no better way to do it than via search engines’ powerful delivery. In order to garner the best search engine results, however, it is best that your site appears at the top of a search engine’s result page, and MIME’s SEO experts make sure that this happens. Using organic SEO techniques, which are ethically-minded and proven effective, MIME’s experts will define your keywords, plug them into your content, create your meta tags and make sure your site is “seen” by all the top search engines.

Keyword Research

The choice of keywords to describe and market your website is crucial to its success, and tailoring these words to your content is of utmost importance. Potential visitors should find your site via the keywords selected, and they must be chosen carefully. In order to locate the best words possible, MIME will diligently research and test various terms for their effectiveness and proper fit. Without the right key terms in place, it will be harder for traffic to land on your site; MIME can help, whichever marketing method you choose.

Link Building

Search engine ranking depends not only on SEO but on link building as well. With systems like Google Analytics, which is used to determine the rank of a website based on its use of specific keywords, in place, link building has taken on a new popularity. MIME understands this, and our experts will take into account the type of business you run, developing a unique set of links to external sites that will help boost your ranking.

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