Monetize What You Think, Say and Do


By nature, entrepreneurs are great, creative thinkers. Whether it’s marketing, selling, serving customers, solving a problem or filling a need, they do it following a sense of creativity. However, in the world of business, creativity isn’t the only essential element to achieve success. Ultimately, there’s the need to understand how you can effectively transform this creativity into a source of income. In this article, we will tackle how you can monetize your ideas through blogs and videos.

 Monetizing Your Blog

Even though you love blogging, the process entails so much time and effort which you may well use to build a savings fund. So what if you are given the option to do both? Regardless of the country’s general devaluation of written words, blogs supply readers with ideas, information and inspiration. In this sense, they are a commodity deserving more recognition.

 Continue doing that which you love without having to pinch pennies each month. Here are five effective tips on how.

1. For starters, create valuable content.

This is always easier said than done. To create value, you have to think about the quality of your content. Look at your posts objectively and have family or friends read them for feedback. Are your write-ups original? Are they readable? What sets them apart from the hundreds of blogs out there? Keep in mind that for a blog to be sellable, it has to have highly valuable content, of course.

 2. Place ads on your blog.

A lot of bloggers who have established meaningful streams of traffic to their blog sites usually find themselves uncertain as to how they can translate the page views into revenue. One answer is to throw up display ads. This is the most obvious means to derive income from blogging efforts.

Ads may come in the form of:

  •  text links; and
  • advertising options
    • pay-per-post
    • pay-per-click
    • affiliate programs as Amazon Associates, Google AdSense and eBay Affiliates

 Google adsense in the middle of the blog post

Ad Placement Technique

There are also bloggers who explore and utilize more advanced means of ad placement. One effective example is getting disruptive with ad units. This means inserting ad banners in between the paragraphs of a blog post. Blog site owners usually do this with long form contents. When contents are long, there’s more opportunity to slip advertisements in the articles. This way, visitors will not be able to disregard them, thus increasing the likelihood of ad interaction (clicking on the ads) which generates the revenue.

3.  Try affiliate marketing.

To some, affiliate marketing has a rather negative tone to it. Perhaps it’s because many a times, the technique has been used deceitfully by website owners, tricking visitors into buying things they don’t need. However, for bloggers with a large loyal fan base, there can be a moneymaking opportunity in affiliate marketing as long as they remain transparent about their affiliate relationships.

If you find that your audience genuinely enjoys your content, with many feeling a connection to your writing, then try asking them for support through clicking the affiliate links on your blog. Who knows, they might be interested in the products offered by the affiliate company and make a habit out of supporting you through your affiliate relationships. Amazon’s affiliate program is often considered for this.

4. Accept donations.

Set up a PayPal account for your blog and embed a button for direct contributions from readers who want you to continue writing. The strategy, however, is not fit for all bloggers. As a matter of fact, many will probably feel uncomfortable with the option and thus, focus on more traditional tactics instead. The decision on taking this approach shall ultimately depend on your preferred monetization option as well as on how you relate with your readers.

5. Add custom search.

The CSE or Custom Search Engine is actually an underutilized component that comes along with the AdSense product packaging. It is exactly what it sounds like: a custom search engine that allows visitors to search and find content throughout a site. It features ads on search results pages which, when clicked, generate revenue that goes to publishers.

Although the traffic might not be significantly huge, it is practically guaranteed that the RPMs and click rates will come considerably higher as compared to the rest of your blog site. And this will generate incremental earnings for you.

6. Allow ads in your comment section.

If you notice that your blog has been receiving a great number of comments over time, then it would be sensible and beneficial for you to add in some ad units down there. While majority of bloggers will think of this as something non-sensible (as ad units are almost always put on the higher sections of a page where they are more visible), in cases where traffic is heavier on the lower pages, spreading them right below would actually come as the better option.

7. Utilize sponsored CAPTCHA.


This is another scheme to consider if your blog has been receiving a fair amount of commenting activity. Setting up a sponsored CAPTCHA will not only prevent bots and spammers from taking over your comment section, it will also make incremental revenue throughout the process.

A quick overview of the money-earning capacity of the CAPTCHA service: you earn money by combining advertisements with the “human verification” process. Advertisers love sponsored CAPTCHAs mainly because it introduces them to captive audiences. A lot of users appreciate them as well because they make for a more efficient verification process than the traditional CAPTCHAs.

8. Show sponsored contents.

Host sponsored contents on your site and what results is an uplift in your RPM. Although it might not be to huge a win, dedicating some space to sponsored contents from partners like Outbrain or Taboola can deliver several cents from a few thousand pageviews on to your blog site.

When it comes to blog monetization, there are gamechangers that can significantly increase your earnings without forcing you to set up direct ad sales relationships. What’s more is that you can even do some incremental improvements, building up your RPM higher and higher. Hopefully, that is what the changes mentioned above can be for your blog site: a set of small changes that combine for a big, meaningful impact.

Monetizing Your Videos

One of the many innovative ways to generate earnings on the internet is monetizing your Youtube channel. Not only is it a lucrative way to promote your products, services, art, music or ideas, it also gets you a good amount of attention that you may be able to benefit from in the future. There are a plenty of ways you can earn money from your Youtube channel. Here’s a look at a few.

 1. Partner with Youtube.


Youtube hosts a program that gives their contributors an opportunity to make money while building an audience and, at the same time, improving their skills. However, there are strict guidelines that must be followed for a contributor to remain eligible and in positive standing with Youtube’s Partner Program. One such guideline is to make sure that your video content is not violent, profanity-laden or sexually explicit. Another guideline is agreeing on not clicking the ads displayed on your very own channel. How much you own from the partner program mostly depend on the number of views your channel receives.

2. Promote your business’ product or service through your videos.

You may also use your videos to promote your products and services to expansive audiences. You can do this by presenting your audience with vibrant, detailed videos and including a link to your blog or website on them. In doing so, your audience will be directed to your site, where they can make purchases of your merchandise and all the while learn about what else you can offer. Not only will it benefit you profit-wise it can even increase your business’ potential growth.

3. Smart Pre-Roll Ad Placement

Pre-roll ads are the in-stream ads we all see now on Youtube. These are the ads you can see playing before your videos. Although they do offer excellent per-view payment, they can also actually hinder your capacity to attract subscribers for your channel.

Basically, nobody enjoys sitting through 30-second advertisements when all they want to watch is a 1-minute video. So when you opt for these long advertisements, make sure you add them only on videos stretching from 10-15 minutes long or on content that you know is unique to your channel. Smart ad placement will do your channel so much, really.

 4. Make the first 10 seconds of your video engaging.

The first 10 seconds of your video are critical! In most cases, views won’t count unless your audience will watch your videos most of the way through. Keep in mind that ads do not always appear right at the very beginning of your videos as well. As a matter of fact, many overlay ads occur sometime in the middle. So you can still get credit for video views, you’ll have to know how to tease your audience from the very start.

What others do is take several seconds to inform their viewers about what the video is all about. At least start your videos with compelling pulls that are sure to catch your viewers’ attention and make them curious enough so they continue watching.

For promoting content, whether it’s a music video, a blog or a website, Youtube would be a highly effective channel that can help you expand your brand popularity and even promote growth. With it being one of today’s most popular websites, it’s easy to see why a lot of people have been drawn to using it as a means to promote their own content. Even when you opt out of the Youtube Partner Program, by simply leading viewers to visit your blog or site, you are already helping build up potential growth and sales for your site.

Video Monetization Solutions

Aside from directly partnering with Youtube, there are many others who resort to other video monetization solutions. These are services that will create for you an exclusive platform to help enhance your content and ultimately create a new source of revenue for your website.

One such video monetization solution is the Dailymotion Publisher Network. Vimeo also has their own video monetization solution that publishers can make lucrative use of.

dailymotion publisher monetize video

With today’s continuously improving technology and ever-increasing communication network, the sky is the limit for what you can do to transform your ideas into revenue, really. Be bold and brave with your options. Lean out there instead of just leaning in. Explore into the unknown and don’t just settle with the familiar, traditional methods. The times are changing so you should too. After all, entrepreneurs always adapt. So whatever you think, say and do, make sure that you also get to earn from them by sharing to others what it is that you are passionate about.

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