Why Lead Capture is Essential

leadCaptureSo, you’ve finally put up a website where your existing and potential clients can learn more about your products or services. That’s great, but there’s something much more you can do with your website and one of those is making sure you can capture leads.

But what exactly is lead capturing? Basically, it is the process of pointing your prospects in the right direction so they can get more information about what they are looking for. Sure, your website will provide that, but lead capturing is more of collecting basic information from a potential customer from that get go which you can then use to build an e-mail list of people you can market to.

Of course, capturing leads happens in the landing page which should be attractive enough and provide information about the benefits that you have to offer in an easy-to-understand way. Obviously, your landing should be located just above the fold so that it’s the first thing a potential client sees which would hopefully lead to an action.


All of this said, why is lead capture essential?


  •  It allows you to collect a list of emails from people you want to market to.

Think about it this way: people who want to sign up to get more information from you are interested in learning more about what you have to offer. In other words, your landing page is giving you a list of potential clients that have a good chance of converting into paying customers.

Successful marketing is always measured by being able to reach out to your target audience. Imagine it this way: you’re out fishing in the ocean. Obviously, there’s a whole lot of fish out there, which is why you need a bait to attract the ones you really need. Of course, your catch will depend on how attractive your bait is and where you put it.

This same analogy can be put into your website and your landing page. Think of your website as the wide open sea, the visitors that come are the fish, and your landing page is the bait. Given that your landing page hits all the sweet spots needed to seduce a client, rest assured one or more of the visitors who just happen to pass by will be tempted to snag on the bait. And these are the people that you want to build your campaign around: The ones who believe that you can offer them what they need.

  •  It leads to lead nurturing.

Now, you don’t stop once you’ve collected leads, no matter how small or big the size. What matters is that you take action with the email addresses that you collected.

Here are a couple things you can do:

lead gen form

  •  Send them offers. When you have an upcoming sale, offer those in your email list with special deals. Maybe they get a certain amount of percentage off select items, or they can take an item for free for a purchasing a certain amount of products from your store.


  • Send them newsletters. Send them frequently, but not to the point of bombarding them with mail. As an example, Pinterest sends its users weekly emails suggesting pins they should go check out and suggestions for boards they should follow. All of these are the result of the actions a user took on the page.


  • Send them updates. You need to remind your potential clients that you exist, and this is why you have to send them frequent updates through email. Whether you have an upcoming sale or have a new offering, let your clients now about it so they can check it out.

As you can see, capturing leads helps you build a niche list of potential clients who are really interested in what you have to offer. So always have a plan of what you intend to email the people who’ve subscribed to your mailing list. The last thing you want is to not earn a sale because you couldn’t make the most out of the list you collected.

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