Internet and Email Marketing

As more and more people use the web to search for information, the importance of internet marketing cannot be understated. Whether it is through e-mail, social media, or web content, what matters is that you have a presence in the online world.  Facebook is where people go to check on family and friends. Search engines are used for knowledge quests. Websites do more than just educate a user about a certain company, they also provide useful information.  As you can see, the role of the internet in society has really changed, and it’s about time that you adapt to it. This way, you can reap much more benefits by being more visible, especially to your target audience.


What is An Information Technologist and Why Do You Need One?

 An information technologist refers to someone who works in the field of information technology. They work with computer systems to create ways of transferring, securing, and interpreting data. The role of an information technologist is to oversee the computer-related operations of a company. They plan, coordinate, and implement computer programs based on what the company needs. They also help with troubleshooting computer glitches and training employees on how to use certain software.

The question is: Why do you need one?

As a business, you probably have a couple of computers for your employees and yourself. Of course, it can’t be expected that every one of you knows the function of everywhere software, knows how to work with hardware failure, and others. This is why it is vital to have an information technologist on board to help you out with the technical details.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads


One other aspect of internet marketing is displaying ads. Yes, what works in the traditional sense – advertising on billboards, newspapers, etc. – also works the same online. This time, the real estate you will be advertising on can be social networks (Facebook) or search engines (Google).

So, what exactly is the difference between the two ad platforms?

 Ideally, you want to advertise on both platforms, but limited finances prevent it from being the case so you have to choose one over the other. Let’s look at their similarities and differences so you can decide which works out best for you.


  •  Both have the potential to get your ad to a massive audience.
  • Both offer free online marketing tools: Facebook Fan Pages and Google+ Business Pages.


  •  Ads have a longer session time on Facebook compared to Google making it really great if you want it to be seen by as many people as possible.
  • You can create messages for a specific group on Facebook. For example, you can have a customized message for fans of the Breaking Bad television series.
  • Google has a wide array of ad formats.
  • Google has been known for its superior CPC performance. This is in thanks to its number of web properties such as Youtube, Blogger, and Gmail.

Email Marketing (Understanding the Drip Campaign)


Not a lot of people believe in the power of email to convert customers, but the opposite is what’s true. But first off, what is a drip campaign? Basically, it is the series of autoresponder emails that are sent out at specific time intervals to customers who opt-in on a website. Let’s just say someone entered their email address into your sign up box because they want to see what you have to offer. This can be their way of testing out the waters to see which service they like best, yours or your competitors.

For your part, you don’t just collect their email address and do nothing with it. No, you make use of it to communicate with them and sell your product without being overbearing. So, once they sign up, you have to send them a series of emails in a span of days to convince them to choose you. Rather than be ‘sales-y’, you can educate them. Let them know the benefits of acquiring services or buying products from you. As you constantly do this, you increase the chances of them picking you over the competition.



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