A Unique Book Marketing and Publicity Opportunity Has Arrived!

Philippe with Robert T. Kiyosaki

Philippe with Robert T. Kiyosaki

Why not blast your book to the world on the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE?!

With over 20 years of interviewing elite bestselling authors, thought leaders, change agents, experts, celebrities and entertainers, why not take advantage of being on the most coveted internet video/radio/blog show in the world? What would be the benefit to you and your book if your name and book was associated with celebrities and New York Times bestselling authors?


With over 700,000 Youtube views, 20k Facebook  fans, 41,000 Twitter followers along with a 22,000 mailing list for the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE; we will do our best to ensure you get noticed and known as an author and expert in your field.

Philippe with Marianne Williamson

Philippe with Marianne Williamson

You need someone who knows what questions to ask that will relate to targeted readers, listeners and viewers. Publicist for Chicken Soup for the Soul, Rick Frishman says, “Philippe doesn’t ask questions that are different. He simply asks questions that make a difference!” Additionally, you should inquire and take full advantage of our Advanced Placement Packages while applying to be on the show.

MyInternetMarketingExpert.net and the Philippe Matthews Show has developed a unique SEO/Social Media Marketing strategy to rank your live video appearance and our Personal Endorsement Interviews that will place you on the 1st page of Google.

Think about the power of that for a moment…

Would you like to truly rank on the 1st page of Google when someone types in your name, book title or unique keywords associated with your book? Take full advantage of our Advanced Placement Packages from the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE and access our full suite of internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization services.

Philippe SHOCK Matthews is a leading Internet Marketing Technologist who has appeared on CNN  and is heralded at theOprah of Internet  by Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul; Mark Victor Hansen.

Visit or call (888) 460-7847 to set up your complimentary book marketing / publicity strategy session so you can be a special guest on the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE!


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